About us

The Brazil Energy Programme brings Brazil and the United Kingdom together to show global leadership in the innovative use of renewable energy and clean technologies.

Brazil has been a pioneer of renewable technologies such as biofuels and wind power. The UK has recognized expertise in developing and funding low-carbon technologies.

BEP creates a partnership that will accelerate Brazil’s energy transition with innovation in clean technologies and in using them to address social challenges.

BEP will work with a wide range of citizens’ groups and stakeholders to reform the policy and regulatory environment for low-carbon energy. And it will test the viability of leading-edge technologies that will make Brazil greener and more inclusive – and will contribute to global progress.


BEP Leader

Gilberto Jannuzzi - Technical Director

Member of Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change, expert in clean energy research and development.

Elbia Gannoum - Strategic Advisor

Chair of the National Wind Association and former Chief Economist of Ministry of Mines and Energy.

Who we are and what we do

BEP is a 3-year programme (to March 2023) funded by the UK Government’s Prosperity Fund.

It is delivered in partnership with the Government of Brazil, Brazilian energy industries and multiple local stakeholders involved in preparing for progress by fine-tuning policies and regulations to promote renewable energies.

Specialized international companies will partner with Brazilian companies to conduct pilot projects that test the viability of innovative low-carbon new technologies such as solar, storage, smart grids, biofuels including waste to energy, wind and natural gas as a transition fuel.

Gender equality and inclusion will be a factor across all BEP initiatives and should serve as a model for future projects as well. Women and vulnerable populations will be closely involved in pilot projects consultations about improving the regulatory environment for clean technologies.

BEP will help Brazil meet its future energy needs with clean, efficient and sustainable solutions that promote social inclusion as well as bringing environmental benefits.

A global advisory company that works to transform lives by making economies stronger, societies more stable, and governments more effective

Supports the commercialisation of new clean technologies – co-evolves technology, policy, and finance to scale low carbon solutions, working with clean tech entrepreneurs, governments, and green finance institutions

A non-profit consultancy to enable sustainable development solutions based on the circular economy, environmental protection and local development.

A technology accelerator that conceives and executes energy R&D projects with potential for commercialisation, establishing links between universities, investors and the market.


The Brazil Energy Programme (BEP) is funded by the UK Prosperity Fund and implemented by a consortium of four organisations.

The Prosperity Fund is the £1.2 billion UK Government fund to develop partnerships that promote inclusive economic growth in emerging economies, mutual prosperity, and progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Fund uses expertise and innovation to accelerate growth and make it more inclusive in industries such as energy, finance, infrastructure, healthcare and education.