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Pilot Competitions

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Watch this page for news of upcoming BEP Pilot Projects in 2021 – a series of demonstration projects to test the technical, financial and social viability of solar power, storage, smart grids, biogas and other biofuels.

The pilots will bring together British, Brazilian and international companies to demonstrate the innovative use of technology to reduce poverty, improve access to clean and affordable energy and promote social inclusion.

Grant funding is provided through BEP to companies that are selected to operate the pilots. Selection is through transparent competitions that will be announced here, along with full information on how to apply.  The first competition, for the Pilar Solar Pilot, has closed and the winner will be announced shortly.

The pilot projects are designed to prove and improve technologies to be scaled up for widespread use in Brazil.

More information on the Challenge Competitions for international companies is here.

More information on how Brazilian companies can propose co-funded projects is here.

Pilot1, the Pilar Solar project, involves the installation ofphotovoltaic panels, batteries and smart monitoring systems to provide energyto low income families in a community in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area.The project involves strong community engagement and will be undertaken inassociation with a local utility.

Future Competitions

Please watch this space on the BEP website for details of future competitions planned later in 2021.